Tapfit 30 Days challenge Review : Does it Work or Not?

An overview of Tapfit

They claim that this program combines dance moves with cardio, conditioning, and strength training to give you a full-body workout.

TAPfit’s patented taps fit over your shoes to improve your workout experience. We discuss TAPfit in this review to decide if it is right for you and how it works.

TapFit How Does It Work?

The TapFit fitness program helps users achieve their fitness goals. It combines tap dancing, cardio, resistance training, and body sculpting moves for the best results.

The exercises last 20 to 30 minutes, and they engage your core, activate your quadriceps, and activate all of your buttocks muscles.

Muscle groups burn more calories than any other group in your body. It is effective in such a short and manageable amount of time.  

The TapFit workouts are done by toes of your feet with relaxed knees, which relieves pressure from your lower back and uses your body’s natural weight distribution to burn calories without wearing out your joints.

TapFit claims the activity has inspired university research about tap dancing’s cognitive benefits. Tap dancing has to increase myelin around the nerve fibers, which leads to faster and more accurate communication between the brain and body.


The TapFit Dancing Fitness System includes six exercise DVDs, nutrition guides, workout guides, and the TapFit floor for a one-time fee of $120.00 with free shipping or three monthly payments of $39.99 with a shipping fee of $14.97.    


The Tapfit Taps

The company’s patented taps offer a non-slip runner grip and fit over the sole of any flat-bottom shoe to convert it into a dance shoe. These shoes feature stainless steel taps on the heels and toes that produce a distinct clicking sound when you step on them.

An Honest Review of Tapfit

The sign-up process was easy, and I was ready to go within minutes. TAPfit’s online portal is simple to use, with a welcome message and six weeks’ worth of classes available at the top.

You can customize your online profile by adding photos, joining groups, and connecting with other members. You can also access all seven TAPfit courses:

The 28-day home health challenge


  • TAPIFT Advanced
  • The Tapfit Dance Challenge
  • Platinum version of TAPfit
  • Starter Series for TAPfit
  • Workouts with TAPfit

To learn tap dancing, I started with the TAP Basics class. Kat Johnson explained every step calmly and thoroughly that I felt comfortable following along.

However, the dance routine was not much fun when barefoot on the carpet. The brand’s tap shoes and dance mat are essential for this workout to be enjoyable.

As a result of Kat’s reminder to swing my arms rather than merely concentrating on the footwork, I was able to get my heart rate up quickly and worked up a sweat.

I enjoyed the class more and more, even though I did not have the correct footwear.

After the warm-up, Kat and I had another instructional period to learn more steps. I was distracted by the slower pace and lack of music until round two of the workout began. This time, the total body movements got my heart rate up quickly.

After the thirty-minute class, I was ready to be done and thought that I could have gotten a more efficient workout another way. 

Although I enjoyed the dance sessions, I found the frequent instructional breaks tedious.

Having seen how class structure varies across courses, I attempted a week 5 class workout. The class pace was more like a traditional workout, even though I did not keep up with all the moves.

While Kat’s instructions were not distracting, the constantly shifting camera angle did make me dizzy. However, when it comes to getting an efficient workout, I felt like there was a lot of wasted time.

Is TAPfit a great way to exercise?

Trainers guide you through every phase in which you can sit in a chair for those with mobility issues, and each phase guarantees even beginners will understand the moves.

Even though all stages are low-impact and harmless, as well as ensuring you get the heart rate up for calorie burning, even equal to 800 calories per hour, the label claims.

Tap dancing burns about 315 calories per hour, so a typical 2-hour class implies one has burned 630 calories. Over several days of the week, you will have generally burned many calories.

Advantage : 

  • Dancing is fun and engaging
  • A great way to get in shape, especially for people who aren’t active
  • Variety of music for different tastes
  • Instructors who are talented and encouraging

Disadvantage :

  • Video editing of poor quality, difficulty navigating the main menu
  • Sometimes the product did not arrive because of delayed delivery

Final thoughts

Fitness centers (gyms) are generally avoided by those who evade them. TAPfit’s unique workout appeals to those who avoid them. Exercises using fins, which engage the brain, and body movements that use dance are stress-free even for beginners. Consumer reviews show that tapping alongside the music is exceptionally satisfying.

Generally speaking, TAPfit classes will get you moving and burn calories, but you must be honest about how many calories you are essentially burning per class. In any case, the best form of exercise is the one you can do effectively; therefore, TAPfit provides an outstanding option if it can get you in motion.